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When I was younger I wanted to be a princess, then an architect, then a forensic scientist, then a photojournalist, and then I thought "Why not be all of it?"

Acting was the only logical conclusion.

I could use the same imagination that would create field guides of fairies, and potions, and pour it into a creative outlet that could ACTUALLY be a career????

Growing up in the southern United States I was often referred to as "eccentric" and "the black sheep" of my family. When I spent seven weeks in NYC for American Academy of Dramatic Art's summer program I thought "Surely I'll blend in here, there are people from India, England, France, Poland!" Nope. Apparently I am internationally odd. The thing about strangeness is that you can capitalize off of it.

Am I right potential talent agent that is reading this? 

2 truths and a lie:

  • I tried my best friend's breast milk

  • at 7 I was name dropped in a newspaper article my grandfather wrote about the over-sexualization of Hardee's commercials because I said "ew" when one came on but really I was just talking about the messy burger

  • I am Céline Dion.

As a recent graduate of Atlantic Acting School conservatory, I had my fair share of taking on diverse roles. From a 60 year old nun from the Bronx to a 13 year old soccer player, my training was nothing short of rigorous. I would say my forte is playing "distraught women", think Sissy Spacek in Carrie or any leading lady of a Cassavettes film.

 Do you have a life outside of acting? Thankfully, yes! I have been a photographer since the age of thirteen. I was paid to do a nude maternity shoot and then immediately spent it at the movie theaters, making the mother-to-be drop me off on her way home. This venture then led to being the town's go-to senior portrait photographer, then family portraits, then weddings, then eventually to what I love the most; non-profit documentary photography. 

I enjoy reading incredible writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, Carson McCullers, Chekhov, Patti Smith, Sylvia Plath, Hilton Als, and daydream of having an iota of their literary talent. I tracked every single step of the launching of the James Webb Telescope because I love astronomy. I also started a film club at my school which is a good excuse to hold people captive as they witness the glory of a 2 hour Almodóvar film. Most recently I have taken up knitting.

Why are we here? Well that depends on if you mean here as in existence or on my website. I can only answer one of those questions. I think we're here on this Earth to help each other out in our short time and try to make as much meaning as we can. My meaning is art.

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